Loaded with intuitive and smart features .

Daily Inspection

This features helps to maintain the daily inspection record like spill bucket, nozzles, pumps, hoses, bellows etc. are working in good condition or not.

Monthly Inspection

Through this feature the Inspector can easily manage the monthly inspection record like ATG and Operation & Maintenance walkthrough checklist log.

Annual Inspection

Annual Inspcetion record will be updated once in a year. Annually Operation & Maintenance walkthrough checklist log will be maintained here.

Test Results

This feature is used to maintain Test Results, which include date of the test, the time the test was conducted, Expiry and Renewal date.


Licenses and certificates are vital for every business and TankSmart helps a gas station to keep their record.

UST Profile

UST Profile is designed to manage Gas Station data. It includes gas station name, address, UST ID, number of tanks, lines etc.


Reports are a smart way to analyze gas station progress for any duration.

Contact Information

User can view all the details of Environmental Conatct Information from here.

Service Tickets

Internal Tickets and External Tickets are managed through this feature which includes Ticket Id, Priority, Status, Time etc.